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A Test Chamber door

Test Chambers are a vital part of the Portal series and the Aperture Science Enrichment Center. Via the Security Cameras fixed onto the walls of test chambers at various points, GLaDOS can track a test subject's movements and progress.

There are hundreds and more test chambers throughout the Enrichment Center, which can be easily reconfigured and recycled to form another new test chamber. In Portal 2, these chambers can be swiftly created by GLaDOS with the usage of robotic arms carrying panels and combining them with other panels to form a ceiling, floor, and walls.

Aesthetically, these chambers bear resemblance to a hospital with its sterile environment; due to the lighting used within chambers, and the black and white coloring of the walls, floors, and ceilings.

Challenge modes

In Portal, challenge mode test chambers can be found in the game's "Bonus Maps" menu option. In Portal 2, the challenge modes can be played via selecting "Play Challenge Mode" in either single-player or co-op.

The chambers in the challenge mode are identical to the original campaign versions, only with the implementation of goal-based puzzles. These include completing the map with the:

  • Least amount of portals deployed
  • Least time elapsed
  • Least amount of steps taken (Available in Portal only)

In Portal, the stats will be compared to the goal, and if you matched the number of portals / steps / time to the goal (or got less than it), it will get harder and harder. In Portal 2, player stats will be saved into the Steam leaderboards. This allows the Steam community to keep track of friends and other players who have beaten them in either least portals created, or least time taken to complete a test chamber.

Advanced chambers

Available only in Portal, these are variants of the test chambers which have been redesigned with an advanced difficulty curve, for instance by decreasing the number of portalable surfaces, or by increasing the presence of Goo.

Like challenge chambers in Portal, advanced chambers can be played via the "Bonus Maps" section on the main menu.

The Portal 2 Sixense MotionPack DLC contains advanced chambers for Portal 2.

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Basic Science
Basic Science
Earn bronze medals on all Portal challenges.
Rocket Science
Rocket Science
Earn silver medals on all Portal challenges.
Aperture Science
Aperture Science
Earn gold medals on all Portal challenges.
Beat two Portal advanced maps.
Beat four Portal advanced maps.
Vanilla Crazy Cake
Vanilla Crazy Cake
Beat all six Portal advanced maps.

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