Co-op Course 6 Chamber 5

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This level starts with a maintenance area, after technical problems in the facility, GLaDOS asks the players to find and pull circuit breakers to use the dissassembly elevators and return to testing. After that the players get transported to the fifth chamber of the course. The players must find a way to use the conversion gel to get through the chamber and get to the other side of the room, avoiding the turrets.

Co-op Course 6 Chamber 5
mp_coop_paint_conversion.bsp 05 Maintenance

Chamber number 0.pngChamber number 5.png

Test Chamber Infobox previous.png
Test Chamber Infobox next.png
Test Chamber Infobox Portal Guy.png
Chamber progress 0.pngChamber progress 5.pngChamber progress slash.pngChamber progress 0.pngChamber progress 9.png

Portal 2 Co-op Course 6 Chamber 5.jpeg
Chamber icon water hazard.pngChamber icon turret hazard on.pngChamber icon cube dispenser on.pngChamber icon cube button on.pngChamber icon excursion funnel.png
Chamber icon excursion switch.pngChamber icon laser sensor.pngChamber icon conversion gel on.pngChamber icon propulsion gel.pngChamber icon dirty water.png






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