Test Chamber 04

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Test Chamber 04

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This is the fourth chamber from the Portal 2 Sixense MotionPack DLC.



  • Jump down on to the light bridge below you.
  • Turn around and place a portal where the light bridge meets a portalable surface.
  • Turn around and look up, place the second portal on the portalable surface above a turret.
  • Turn around and go through the Portal.
  • When facing the turret, shielded by the light bridge, turn right. Place the second Portal on the portalable surface closest to the walk-way.
  • Turn right again, and turn the original portal 90 degrees in any direction. Make sure the light bridge can still travel through it.
  • Turn left, and walk along the walkway - shielded from turrets by the light bridge.
  • At the corner of the walkway, turn left and place the second portal on the portalable surface in view.
  • At the second corner, turn left and place the second portal on the portalable floor.
  • Drag the second portal to shield you from the turret, as you walk along this walkway.
  • Turn left at the end of the walkway, and place the second on the portalable surface in view.
  • Turn left again and place the first portal on the floor you just walked past.
  • Go through this first portal and get rid of the turret you land on.
  • If facing a door, turn around so you're looking at the light-bridge. Place the first portal at where the light-bridge meets a portalable surface.
  • Walk through this first portal and along the lightbridge.
  • Drop down from the lightbridge and proceed into the Chamberlock

Video walkthrough