Chapter 1 - Blue Only II

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Chapter 1 - Blue Only II

Chamber number 0.pngChamber number 2.png

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Chamber icon cube button on.pngChamber icon dirty water on.pngChamber icon laser redirection.pngChamber icon laser sensor.pngChamber icon laser field.png
Chamber icon turret hazard.pngChamber icon crusher hazard.pngChamber icon light bridge.pngChamber icon excursion funnel.pngChamber icon faith plate.png

Chamber gel indicator blue.pngChamber gel indicator off.png

This is the third level of the game, and the second test involving paint.





  • Jump up to the ledge to your left with the gel.
  • Wall jump over the next three pits with the gel.
  • Put the cube onto the button.
  • Spray the panel that it retracts with the gel.
  • Wall jump back the way you came with the gel.
  • Slide down the slanted surface to jump off the gel, and proceed to the Chamberlock.