Portal Test Chamber 10

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Portal Test Chamber 10

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This Test Chamber is the eleventh level of the game, and introduces the player to Flinging.





  • Complete GLaDOS' Test Track (Test Chamber 10)


  • None


  • Aperture Science Enrichment Center
  • Test Chamber 10 (GLaDOS)


  • Place a portal on a nearby wall or on the floor.
  • Proceed through the portal onto the platform.
  • Proceed up the stairs and onto the extended piece of floor.
  • Place a portal on the floor below you, and jump through.
  • Place your portal on the piece of wall that recedes outwards upon entering.
  • Jump through the orange portal.
  • Place your portal on the piece of wall that recedes outwards upon landing.
  • Jump through the orange portal once again.
  • Proceed into the Chamberlock.

Video walkthrough

Download Download demo file


  • This is the last chamber of Portal's demo.