Still Alive 07

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Still Alive 07

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This test chamber is the seventh bonus level of the game. It is based on a level from Portal: The Flash Version MapPack. The challenges of this level are unlocked when the test chamber is completed once.




  • Exit the elevator and proceed through the door on your right.
  • Place a portal on the other side of the Laser Field, and the other on the side you are on. Go through the portal.
  • Walk over to the plasma wall and shoot the last portal on the other side.
  • Go through the other portal. Take the cube that came out of the dropper and place it on one of the buttons in the first area.
  • Go back to the room with the cube dropper, and place a portal under the dropper. Place the other portal on the ceiling near the plasma wall.
  • Jump into the portal under the dropper, and as you come out of the other move your ceiling portal to the floor where you're about to land.
  • As you launch up into the dropper, shoot another portal through the hole off to the side. Go through the other portal to get in this area.
  • Go through the door to the right and shoot a portal on the wall near the ceiling. Go through your other portal.
  • Proceed through the door and jump into the broken vacuum tube. (There are invisible clips to help you get in, you do not need to jump on an object.)
  • Once in the tube, go left and into the downward tube. You will land on some cubes, which fall out of the dropper.
  • Shoot a portal on the other side of the plasma wall and the other on the floor where you are.
  • Bring a cube through the portal and place it on the other button.
  • Proceed to the Chamberlock.

Alternate route

  • Follow the first few steps until you have gotten the first cube.
  • Bring the cube back to the room with the two buttons.
  • Let go of the cube and narrowly position it in the way that one of the cube's edges is facing towards you.
  • Grab the cube and while holding it, carefully position it in the way that it activates both buttons.
  • Jump over the Laser Field or portal over to the door that will lead you to the Chamberlock.

This way of doing the chamber can save you a lot of time if you are trying to beat the game as fast as possible.

Video walkthrough

Award requirements (challenge mode)

Portals Steps Time
Bronze Silver Gold Bronze Silver Gold Bronze Silver Gold
16 Portals 9 Portals 6 Portals 250 Steps 140 Steps 85 Steps 120 Seconds 80 Seconds 60 Seconds

Video strategies (challenge mode)

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