Co-op Course 3 Chamber 3

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Co-op Course 3 Chamber 3
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This is the eighteenth level in Co-op mode of Portal 2 and the third chamber in the course. The chamber requires the players to use the Hard Light Bridges along with the four portals and to use the Light Bridges vertically. Goo is present as the primary hazard of this level.


The first room is pretty straight forward. Get the Edgeless Safety Cube by using the Light Bridge and then use the same Light Bridge to reach the exit. The second room is the first Co-op chamber that requires the use of a vertical Light Bridge and in addition use the Faith Plate at the same time.





# Atlas P-body
1Fire a portal on the wall next to you and to the 3rd panel to the right of the Switch next to the Hard Light Bridge.
2Go through the portal under the Edgeless Safety Cube dispenser.Enter through the portal and use the switch.
3Catch the Safety Cube.Shoot a portal on the panels where the Light Bridge ends after going through the portal. Walk to your portal, turn around, and place a portal on the panels near the ceiling.
4Proceed to go through the portal and to the area with the Safety Cube receptacle.
5Place the Safety Cube on the receptacle.
6Go to the checkpoint and to the next room.
7Place a portal on the panels near the ceiling where the Light Bridge ends. Put the other portal on the panels just above the Goo. Use the Aerial Faith Plate.
8Follow the Light Bridge and fire a portal on the end panel. Place the other portal on the roof, so that it's in front of the Faith Plate. Use the Faith Plate next to you.
9Use the second Faith Plate to get on the Light Bridge.
10Put the same portal from the roof to the wall facing the door.
11Go through the portal and proceed to the disassembly area.

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Bridge Building
Complete all test chambers in the Hard-Light Surfaces co-op course
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Portal Conservation Society
Complete Chamber 3 in the Hard-Light Surfaces co-op course using only 5 total portal placements