Portal 2 Chapter 1 Test Chamber 2

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Portal 2 Chapter 1 Test Chamber 2
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This is the third level of the game, and it introduces the player to the single-Portal variant of the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device. The level is set in a dilapidated section of the Aperture Science facility, and parts of it are decorated with an elaborate series of murals. Through the use of the Handheld Portal Device and static Portals, the player is able to circumvent a number of obstacles and move deeper into the Facility by way of a Chamberlock. These two Chambers correspond to Test Chambers 02 and 03 from the original Portal.





  • None


  • Aperture Science Enrichment Center
  • Test Chamber 02 (Dilapidated)
  • Rattmann's Mural Room
  • Offices


  • Proceed through the door and down the steps into the central area where the pedestal is located.
  • After you have landed, walk up the spiral panel arrangement to obtain the Handheld Portal Device.
  • Create a portal using the primary fire key on one of the surrounding walls and walk through it, then walk up the ramp to the right.
  • Continue walking through various rooms until a ledge is reached. Jump off of this ledge and observe the orange portal to the left.
  • Create a portal on one of the surrounding walls, walk through it and observe the door to the left.
  • Fire a portal at one of the walls on the same platform as the door; walk back through the orange portal and then through the door and into the Chamberlock.

Video Walkthrough

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Other Information



Announcer: If the earth is currently governed by a manner of Animal King, sentient cloud, or other governing body that refuses to, or is incapable of listening to reason, th--- [RECORDING SHORTS OUT]
Wheatley: Hey, hey! You made it!
Wheatley: There should be a portal device on that podium over there.
Wheatley: I can't... ...see it, though. Maybe it fell off.
Wheatley: D'you wanna go have a good look?
Wheatley: WOAH!!!
Wheatley: Hello?
Wheatley: Can you see the portal gun?
Wheatley: Also, are you alive? If that's important. Should have asked that, first.
Wheatley: Um, do you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to work on the assumption that you're still alive and I'm just going to wait for you up ahead.
Wheatley: I'll wait--I'll wait one hour, then I'll come back and, as soon as I can locate your dead body, I'll bury you. Alright? Brilliant! GO, TEAM! See you in an hour, hopefully! If you're not... dead.
Announcer: Some emergency testing may require prolonged interaction with lethal military androids. Rest assured that all lethal military androids have been taught to read and provided with one copy of the Laws of Robotics. To share.
Announcer: Good. If you feel that a lethal military android has not respected your rights as detailed in the Laws of Robotics, please note it on your self-reporting form. A future Aperture Science Entitlement Associate will initiate the appropriate grievance-filing paperwork.