Portal Escape (Part 4)

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Portal Escape (Part 4)

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This is the twenty-fourth level of the game. It takes place within the maintenence areas of the facility, and requires the player to utilise Flinging. Turrets are present as the primary hazard.




  • When you have reached the end, fire a portal in the area on the right, behind the corner. Put the other portal on the wall next to you and go through the portal.
  • Walk to the left and shoot a portal through the small grid on the ceiling.
  • Go through the portal. Walk to the left and turn to face the portal. Place the portal above the black square (door) on the wall at the wall and go through the portal.
  • Wait a few seconds for the doors to open. When the doors begin to open, run back to your portal in the ground level.
  • Shoot a portal behind one of the turrets. Place the other portal next to you and go through. Knock the turret in front of you over.
  • Continue by shooting portals in the rooms with the turrets and placing the other portal next to you. Then knock over the turrets. There are total of 8 turrets (including the one you knocked over).
  • After knocking over the turrets go in the room which is the most higher up. Put a portal in the room and then a portal near you. Go through the portal
  • Go stand near the edge and fire a portal on the angled panels on the wall on opposite side. Put the other portal on the floor below and then jump through.
  • Shoot a portal on the angled panels on the room from where you just jumped. Wait for landing and then put a portal below yourself. You'll go through the portal automatically.
  • Fire the same portal on the floor where you are going to land and wait for landing.
  • Continue to the back of the room. As soon as the 2 turrets are going to be put in place, place your portals below them before they get the chance to shoot at you.
  • Go back to the other end of the room and fire a portal on the floor below. Jump through the portal.
  • Wait until you've gone through the portal and then move forwards to get to the new area.
  • After landing shoot a portal on the wall behind the railing above and then drop back down the shaft.
  • Go through the portal and then go through the door. Walk over the long catwalk.
  • Open the door and go through. Walk to the end of the corridor and turn left and go to the end of the corridor. Open the door on the right and go to the last corridor with windows.


  • After the catwalk, to the right, shoot a orange portal.
  • Then shoot a portal at the bottom right of the orange portal.
  • Then you have access to the void.
  • <Caution: Do not enter the portal>
  • If you try hard enough, there is a way to change the cake, like putting the Companion Cube on it.

Video walkthrough

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