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Test Chamber 15
level_05.bsp Mind Maze / Wargame

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This Test Chamber is the sixteenth level of the game, and introduces the players to Portal Inquisition Fields and maintenance areas.



  • Put the Weighted Storage Cube on the button, then go to the Switch behind the moving panel over the ledge.
  • Place portals next to the two other Switches and prepare yourself for the timed puzzle.
  • Quickly, press the Switch next to you, then the one on the other side of the ledge and pas through the portal to activate the last Switch. Then fire a portal behind and facing the Material Emancipation Grill, and the other where the High Energy Pellet is bouncing.
  • The pellet should reach the catcher. Now, grab the cube and proceed to the next room. Place the cube on one of the three buttons.
  • Go through the Portal Inquisition Field and cross the obstacle course, avoiding to be crushed as well as the Electricity Fields, in order to reach the cube.
  • Do the reverse course with the cube. This cube mustn't touch any Electricity Field or get crushed.
  • Place the cube on one of the two empty buttons, then go on the last one.
  • Enjoy the mess then use the path that Peter opened. You are now in the maintenance areas.
  • Shoot a portal on the angled panel and the other near you then go through. Before touching the ground, place the same portal as the previous under you.
  • With the momentum you gained, you should reach the upper floor facing the angled panel. Take the cube and come back at the bottom.
  • Put the first portal in the alcove and go through the other portal with the cube. Use the two cubes as stairs to reach the hole above the alcove.
  • Knock out the Turrets carefully using portals, then go to the door at the bottom of the room.
  • Quickly, open the door, move forward, take the turret and vaporize it with the Material Emancipation Grill.
  • Go in the lift and push the little red button.

Video walkthough


  • The maintenance area that the player visits was already in the original Portal.


11. Atmosphere 2 - 1:08 by ERH
15. Atmosphere String 1 - 2:02 by ERH

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