Still Alive 12

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Still Alive 12

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This test chamber is the twelfth bonus level of the game. It is taken from Portal: The Flash Version MapPack. The challenges of this level are unlocked when the test chamber is completed once.




  • Go trough the first door.
  • To your right will be a turret. Portal behind it and knock it down.
  • Quickly after that portal over to the upper ledge and behind the other turret.
  • Knock it down.
  • Option 1: Place one portal onto the upper portion of the wall and the other one on a wall that is in your reach. Jump over the ledge and grab the cube.
  • Option 2: Do the same thing. Jump from the smalles ledge and mid-air place a portal on the floor and hold CTRL to crouch. Grab the cube.
  • Place the cube on one floor and portal to the Victory Lift.
  • Redirect the cube with portals to land on the upper Heavy Duty Super-Colliding Super Button.
  • Put a portal next to the ledge with the other cube.
  • Jump of the lift and place a portal under you.
  • Grab the cube and place it on the other button.
  • Portal up to the ledge where the door is and go trough the door.
  • Go to the door that will just slightly open.
  • Place a portal trough the small hole.
  • Quickly portal behind the Turret on your right.
  • Knock the turret down.
  • Drop down and knock down the turret with portals.
  • Quickly portal to the farthest turret and knock it down.
  • Option 1: Put a portal parallel to the Electricity Field. Wait for the right time and jump then walk across it.
  • Option 2: Portal peek instead of walking.
  • Portal up to the ledge, avoiding the Laser Field.
  • Put one portal in the room with the Skull Cube.
  • Go all the way back to the hallway next to the button.
  • Place another portal and grab the Skull Cube.
  • Bring it to the Button.
  • Place a portal parallel to the Chamberlock door.
  • Jump trough another portal and proceed to the Chamberlock to finish the chamber.

Video walkthrough

Award requirements (challenge mode)

Portals Steps Time
Bronze Silver Gold Bronze Silver Gold Bronze Silver Gold
29 Portals 18 Portals 13 Portals 180 Steps 155 Steps 135 Steps 115 Seconds 90 Seconds 83 Seconds

Video strategies (challenge mode)

Portals challenge

Steps challenge

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