Final Battle

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Final Battle

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This is the twenty-fourth and final level of the game.


  • Rockets
  • Crushing
  • Manhacks


  • Observe the cinematic to see the spot of the Morality Core.
  • Avoid GLaDOS' attacks. When she is swinging you in the air, avoid the items. When she is throwing a circular blue lasers on the floor, jump over these. When she is throwing a blue laser on you, take cover.
  • Don't forget there is a Manhack too.
  • GLaDOS is able to grab you the Morality Core. When you have the opportunity, take the Morality Core, climb up the stairs around GLaDOS and place it on the spot.

A series of cutscenes starts. From here on, no user interaction is required.

  • Upon attachment the Morality core does not make any change to GLaDOS' morality and she continues the attack, she grabs Abby with the anti-gravity force and slams her into a wall, knocking her unconscious and almost killing her.
  • Abby briefly wakes up to see a scientist trying to reason with GLaDOS, but is immediately killed with a laser just before she floods the room with neurotoxin.
  • Succumbing to the neurotoxin, Abby blacks out, and awakens to being dragged out of the chamber by a female Aperture Science employee wearing a face mask.
  • The credits roll.
  • An incredibly weak Abby is seen walking through the parking lot of Aperture Science (where it is now raining), collapsing, and (presumably) dying, as the screen fades to black. The last thing she sees is the G-Man, standing in the booth and adjusting his tie, her fate left ambiguous.

Video walkthrough



04. Believe - 7:01 by The Chemical Brothers [2008 Only]
04. Out Of Control - 3:16 by SaschaEnde Exclusive to the Portal with RTX.
38. In The Beginning - 5:32 by Adrian Charkman