Portal: Prelude Final Battle

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Final Battle

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This is the twenty-fourth and final level of the game.


  • Rockets
  • Crushing
  • Manhacks


  • Observe the cinematic to see the spot of the Morality Core.
  • Avoid GLaDOS' attacks. When she is swinging you in the air, avoid the items. When she is throwing a circular blue lasers on the floor, jump over these. When she is throwing a blue laser on you, take cover.
  • Don't forget there is a Manhack too.
  • GLaDOS is able to grab you the Morality Core. When you have the opportuny, take the Morality Core, climb up the stairs around GLaDOS and place it on the spot.
  • Enjoy the ending.

Video walkthough


  • After the credits, there is a last cinematic which takes place at the outside entrance of the complex.


04. Believe - 7:01 by The Chemical Brothers
38. In The Beginning - 5:32 by Adrian Charkman