Test Chamber 16 (Advanced)

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Test Chamber 16 (Advanced)

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This is the fourth advanced chamber of the game. This version is unlocked when the original Test Chamber 16 has been completed. It has the extra challenge of including Turrets in cages, rendering them unable to be knocked down.




  • Once you reach the door, enter the Chamber, since there is no GLaDOS speaking in this advanced test.
  • Since the Turrets are sealed in the boxes, you cannot knock the turret down. Instead, place a portal about the turret box, and a portal at the wall, then crouch under the panel.
  • Upon landing, the turrets will fire the bullets at you, so you'll have to quickly move away or you'll get killed.
  • Shoot a portal that the Turret shoots at you. Then place a portal at the wall and go through.
  • Quickly go past the turret before the turret shoots at you.
  • Grab these Weighed Storage Cubes from the wall panel. Quickly place a portal on the red X spot, then get the cubes in the portal. Quickly crouch under the cube to protect yourself from turrets.
  • Sneak past the turrets and don't get killed. Quickly go to the safe place where no turrets shoot at you.
  • Place a portal that leads to many cubes.
  • To protect yourself, get as many cubes as you can. Place cubes blocking the turrets from shooting at you.
  • You should have 5 cubes remanining. Go through the portal and quickly crouch from the turrets.
  • Have one cube placed on the button. Shoot a portal behind the exit and get a cube away from the button. Always crouch with a cube to protect yourself.
  • Go through the portal leading to the exit with a cube and quickly crouch.
  • Fire a portal through the vents after you enter the portal behind the turret.
  • Enter into the chamberlock quickly.

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