Test Chamber 12

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Test Chamber 12
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This Test Chamber is the thirteenth level of the game, and introduces the player to the supervisor Peter.



  • Proceed to the main room and go in front of the pipe.
  • Place a portal on the wall behind the pipe and the other on a wall near you, then pass through it.
  • Shoot the first portal under the High Energy Pellet Catcher, then go through the portal.
  • Put the other portal where the Pellet is bouncing, and come back in the test chamber entrance.
  • Look up to the vertical door. Place a portal on the white portion of the ceiling and the other on the floor.
  • Before passing through the portal, aim the white ledge above the vertical door. Then, fire your first portal on this place, after going through the portal.
  • Place the other portal under the vertical door and use momentum to reach the upper level.
  • Shoot a portal through through the pipes and pass through the other portal.
  • Proceed to the Chamberlock.

Video walkthough


13. Atmosphere 4 - 1:20 by ERH

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