Funnel Over Goo

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Funnel Over Goo

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The map TB Over Goo (also known as is Funnel Over Goo) the second map in the fourth chapter of Portal Stories: Mel. The map consists of two tests to solve.

Both the tests make use of Excursion Funnel, Weighted Companion Cube and the Heavy Duty Super-Colliding Super Button. The second test also makes use of Thermal Discouragement Beam and Discouragement Redirection Cube.

After solving the second test, Virgil informs us that "test subjects rated this test as the hardest tests in this track. I've heard that it was made by two particularly cruel scientists.



Hoopy the Hoop found in a secret room
Companion Cube

Video Walkthrough


  • A Weighted Companion Cube can be found in some debris at the start of the map. Attempting to pick it up will immediately fizzle it and give the achievement Forever Alone.
  • Hoopy the Hoop can be spotted in a secret room accessible by making a portal through a broken window. This is followed by Virgil, saying “people (are) obsessed with a silly hoop”.
  • The music played during this test is known as Troubled Water. A remix of Troubled Water was played in the trailers.
  • The second part of this chamber can be seen when entering a Chapter 4 map from the menu, focusing on a detached fluorescent light and zooming out over four shots, similar to Portal 2


Forever Alone
Forever Alone
Try to bring the cube with you