Co-op Course 5 Chamber 4

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Co-op Course 5 Chamber 4

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Most beginners (or players who made a reset recently) get there from the 03 Bridge Repulsion, Course 5: Mobility Gels. Players can get there from the Hub when at least one player unlocked the 04 Wall Repulsion...




# Atlas P-body

Video Walkthrough



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The first section can be skipped by redirecting Hard Light Bridge with a very precise portal shot...

  1. Consistent results with pos: 221.01 258.73 80.79 ang: -29.95 147.92 0.00
  2. Some results with pos: 218.57 259.39 80.79 ang: -30.01 147.74 0.00
  3. Some results with pos: 214.81 261.80 80.79 ang: -30.19 147.74 -0.00

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