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Portal Epic Edition

Basic Information
  • Epic Backflip

Source Engine


Microsoft Windows

  • International: June 17, 2020



First-person puzzle/platformer/shooter


9.0/10 on ModDB


Portal to be bought and installed on Steam

Portal Epic Edition is a Portal mod created by Epic Backflip and released in June 17, 2020 on ModDB. Self-described as "the greatest shitpost ever known to man", this mod features same test chambers by GLaDOS with exponent changes, such as adding more hazards (Rocket Turrets and Sentry Turrets) and content from Half-Life 2 (with enemies like Barnacles and Manhacks, weapons like Crowbar and the SPAS-12 shotgun). Complete with a main campaign, a bonus alternate campaign, 11 achievements, and 4 bonus challenge maps.


The idea for Portal Epic Edition was conceived when Ossy Flowol was playing Portal and asked themselves "What if I spawned rocket turrets everywhere?". First they used a command to spawn them around levels and then began decompiling portal maps and adding Rocket Turrets. Eventually a map pack was released Jun 17th, 2020. The map pack was barely functional and some levels crashed on load. Allison Ghost (aka CamBen42 aka Valla-Chan) then made a the GLaDOS boss fight as a bonus map. Konclan learned of Portal Epic Edition and decided that this wasn't far enough. Taking the map pack and turning it into a source mod. First the levels were given proper transitions and a few bonus maps were added. Konclan saw the underwhelming nature of the final level and tried to make it more difficult, though the anticlimax was an intentional decision by Ossy. Instead of scrapping the alternative final chamber, Konclan was inspired by it to remake the entire campaign but as an entirely different experience, the Cognitive Breakdown Tests. Ironically the first chamber made in CBT edition was the final one. The idea for CBT was less about spam and more about crafted painful experiences, something to keep the player guessing about what could be coming next and making them think more about how to overcome the new obstacle. CBT was mostly developed by Konclan with a few chambers made by other Epic Backflip team members. A couple more bonus maps were added and the bonus GLaDOS boss fight was worked into the main campaign as an alternate secret ending to the main campaign.


Map pack

Cognitive Breakdown Tests (or CBT) is a special map pack included with the mod for players who want a bigger challenge. It includes harder obstacles, such as a laser that disintegrates anything that touches it, blue goo that instantly kills the player, a big ball pit in Test Chamber 10, etc. This set of chambers includes everything from the main chambers, and new additions.


Achievements are found throughout the main campaign, CBT campaign, and bonus maps. They use the bonus maps system and are unlocked through in game entities, this means you can still get the achievements even if you turn on sv_cheats 1. Below are listed some of the ways to get the achievements:

  • Second Amendment.
    • Get the SPAS-12 Shotgun in Chamber 2. (Main campaign)
  • Cake?
    • Shoot the glass of the observation room in Chamber 14 and do a portal bump to view the cake. (Main campaign)
  • Break my Stride.
    • Trap yourself in the end of Chamber 15. (Main campaign)
  • Incinerated.
    • Enter the incinerator in Test Chamber 19. (Main campaign)
  • Free Man.
    • Break through the last observation room and defeat GLaDOS. (Main campaign)
  • It's a Feature.
    • Jump into the nodraw pit on Chamber 20. (Bonus maps)
  • Desperate.
    • Attempt to call the secret elevator (multiple times) in the ballpit in Chamber 10. (CBT campaign)
  • Twelve.
    • Jump into the light pit in Chamber 11. (CBT campaign)
  • Epic Escape.
    • Defeat GLaDOS and make it out alive, but you need to take the cube from the first observation room in Test Chamber 19. (CBT campaign)
  • Impossible.
    • Beat the entire main campaign without dying or loading saves. (Main campaign)
  • Impossible CBT.
    • Beat the entire CBT campaign without dying or loading saves. (CBT campaign)

Epic Secret Maps

Secret maps are unlocked by finding the main campaign's good ending.

  • Epic GLaDOS Battle
    • Main campaigns secret boss fight, defeating GLaDOS unlocks all other secret bonus maps.
  • Epic Advanced Chamber 20
    • A chamber loosely resembling Konclan's Portal 2 map Fork and a part of the Portal ending scene with the cake table.
  • * Epic Jesas Maria
    • A Chamber loosely resembling the Portal fire pit trailer with the descending spikes
  • * Epic Advanced Chamber 09
    • A Chamber loosely resembling Portal's chamber 09
  • * Epic Advanced Chamber 04
    • An extremely hard version of chamber 04 from the CBT campaign loudly accompanied by the song What's so Funny by Fabrizio Fornaci, Piero Montanari from the Little Ones album


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