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This is the second co-op chamber in the game, and it introduces players to the use of the Edgeless Safety Cube.

Most beginners (or players who made a reset recently) get there from the 01 Doors, Course 1: Team Building. Players can get there from the Hub when at least one player unlocked the 02 Buttons...

The goal in the first area is to get through the other side of the room which is separated by goo. There is a switch to operate the door on the other side. In the other room there are 4 switches and multiple portal surfaces.





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# Atlas P-body
1Enter the chamber and go stand by the button.Place your portal on the panels ahead and the other portal on the other side of the room. Go through the portal and stand by the blue squares on the wall.
2Press the button.
3Go through the opened panels. Place the same portal you just came out of to the portal surface on this side of the room.
4Walk through the portal.
5Go to the small room ahead and wait for the door to open.
6Shoot a portal on the highest white panels on your side and go stand by the switch on your side. Place a portal next to you and wait until your friend is ready.
7Use the Timer Ping and press the switch when the count is over. Then head for the second switch through your portal and press it.
8Place the ball to the receptacle.


Best time

Fewest portals




Team Building

Team Building
Team Building
Complete all test chambers in the Team Building co-op course
Difficulty: story-related
How to obtain: self-explanatory.