Portal 2 Chapter 4 Test Chamber 20

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Portal 2 Chapter 4 Test Chamber 20
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This is the twenty-ninth level of the game, and is the first level to be set within a fully-repaired and functional Aperture Science Test Chamber. This level requires the player to combine precise Portal-placement and multiple Thermal Discouragement Beams in order to proceed.





  • Complete GLaDOS' Test Shaft (Test Chamber 20)



  • Aperture Science Enrichment Center
  • Test Chamber 20 (GLaDOS)


  • Walk over to the Beams and place a portal on the wall on the left-side where the Beam ends.
  • Place the other portal to the column facing the three Receptacles.
  • Pick up the cube that is already redirecting one of the Beams. Place the cube in front of the portal, so the Beam activates the middle Receptacle.
  • Pick up the other cube and place it over the beam coming from the ceiling. Aim it at the Receptacle on the right side.
  • Go to the Chamberlock.

It is also possible to complete this chamber without placing any portals if you position the cubes correctly and use a cube and quickly move the cube from side to side. If you do it correctly, holding down the strafe right movement key (default D) the door will open for a split second, letting you slip inside. This is a more difficult solution to the puzzle so the basic solution is recommended.

Video walkthrough

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