Test Chamber 01

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Test Chamber 01
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This Test Chamber is the second level of the game, and introduces the player to the Weighted Storage Cube, as well as the Heavy Duty Super Colliding Super Button and the Hydromagnetic Cube Stability Unit.



  • Grab the cube and put it into the Hydromagnetic Cube Stability Unit. Note the projected path of the energy pellet on the floor.
  • Fire a portal at the spot where the energy pellet hits the wall.
  • In the next room, jump down onto the lowered Panels.
  • Fire a portal on a wall on either side of the depression and take a cube through it.
  • Put the cube into a Cube Stability Unit.
  • Repeat the last two steps on the other side.
  • Place a portal at the spot on the wall where the energy pellet is bouncing.
  • When the pellet goes through that portal, fire another on the pushed out panel to the first one's right.

Video walkthrough