Test Chamber 04

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Test Chamber 04
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This Test Chamber is the fifth level of the game, and introduces the player to the Switches.



  • Look around the room, explore. It is important to know all about your whereabouts to successfully solve a test chamber, especially in the complex ones.
  • Grab the Weighted Storage Cube and prepare it next to the Hydromagnetic Cube Stability Unit near the Switch. However, do not put the cube inside yet.
  • Press the Switch.
  • Fire a portal at the spot where the High Energy Pellet is bouncing.
  • Go over to the Stability Unit and put the cube inside. If you weren't fast enough, don't worry, another pellet will come.
  • Leave the pellet be for a while and place a portal on the pushed out Panel to the right of the chamber entrance.
  • Put the Cube in the same Stability Unit as in step 5 so that the pellet is redirected into the orange portal.
  • Once the pellet goes through it, place the blue portal elsewhere to prevent the pellet from being destroyed.
  • Grab the newly dispensed Cube once again and put it in the Stability Unit when the pellet is to its right.
  • Proceed to the Chamberlock.

Video walkthrough


06. Five - 5:33 by Mevious