Aperture Tag: The Paint Gun Testing Initiative

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Aperture Tag: The Paint Gun Testing Initiative
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Basic Information

Aperture Tag Team


Source Engine


15 Jul, 2014




First-person puzzle/platformer


Portal 2

Aperture Tag: The Paint Gun Testing Initiative is a Portal 2 modification featuring gameplay focussing around the use and manipulation of the gels featured in Portal 2.


The events take place after the events of Portal 2's cooperative campaign's Mobility Gels course, and before the events of the Art Therapy course, in the Aperture Science Facility, while GLaDOS had finished building the Aperture Science Paint Gun. A test subject wakes up in an Aperture Science Extended Relaxation Center's restroom ready to begin their test. They are introduced to Nigel, a personality core and his test associate. He then is put through a series of tests featuring the Aperture Science Paint Gun, Aperture Science's final product. When the testing is over, Nigel was surprised that there was someone to complete every single test chamber and thinks that he is the proper one to deactivate the old Aperture Laboratories Stability Stable Energy Reactor (ALSSER), the energy supply of Aperture Science, as a new one was built. Nigel is very surprised that he made it through so easily and decides to put him through another round of tests. Near the end of the test, the test subject accidentally breaks into a maintenance area of the Aperture Science facility, which happened to be the Emergency Intelligence Incinerator's control room. The test subject learns about their fate and decides to close the fire area so that they survive. When they reach the end of the test, Nigel doesn't know what's wrong with the Incinerator, and claims that "he is actually happy that you didn't have to die", so he lets the subject out of Aperture Science. The outside is finally revealed when the "room" malfunctions and the truth are revealed. The outside was a simulation of Aperture Science, much like the one at the start of Thinking with Time Machine.


Main article: Mechanics
  • Aperture Science Paint Gun
Allows the player to coat a surface with a never-ending supply of either Repulsion Gel or Propulsion Gel, and allows the player to pick up objects in a similar fashion to the portal gun.
The Aperture Science Paint Gun
  • Aperture Science Paint Gun Activation Field
Has two sides: The green one activates the Paint Gun so that it can shoot gel, and the purple one deactivates it. The Paint gun Activation Field can activate the Repulsion Gel, the Propulsion Gel, or both.
  • Aperture Science Vacuum Delivery System, same as Portal 2’s Pneumatic Diversity Vents
As a substitute to Portal's Chamberlocks, the Pneumatic Diversity Vents are used for transportation between test chambers.
  • Glass
Much like you can't place portals on non-portalable surfaces, you can't fire gels on glass.


Nigel in his office.
The Heavy Metal core.


Nigel is the Core that oversees your tests in Aperture Tag. His eye is a yellow recolor from that of the Fact Core. Nigel's personality is very unclear. He's loyal to his protocol, and seemingly cares about the test subject.

Heavy Metal Core

An easter egg found in the 15th test chamber out of 16, the Heavy Metal Core sits in a throne made of gas tanks and listens to a heavy metal version of Still Alive and bounces his eye container plate up and down. His eye is alternating red and white bands, which is a recolor of the Space Core's eye.


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Extra Maps

Only accessible via console or the Portal 2 Workshop

  • Trailer Map


  • Tag Remix