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Basic Information

Benjamin "Mevious" Bryant


Source Engine


10 Dec 2014




First-person puzzle/platformer



Rexaura is a Portal modification featuring new gameplay elements. It was initially released on ModDB on January 10, 2012. The mod has since been updated and re-released on Steam.


Main article: Mechanics

Hydromagnetic Cube Stability Unit

Cubes can be placed on the Cube Stability Unit, and any High Energy Pellet that hits the Cube will be redirected. Energy Pellets will explode if they hit the wrong end of a Cube in the Cube Stability Unit.


After a new game has been created, the player watches a video of a Relaxation Pod being raised into a hole in the ceiling. Once the video has finished or been skipped (Mouse 1, double click), the announcer states that you are attending your 999th session of the Aperture Science Automated Testing. Nearing the end of the game, GLaDOS warns of an imminent "mysterious surprise", with the "activation energy" percentage increasing at the end of each chamber. The lift at the end of chamber 19 is redirected upon entering, and GLaDOS reveals that in order to "maintain the illusion of scientific progress", she will purge her database and force you to continue the same tests indefinitely, after which the door opens and you fall into a bottomless pit. The game ends with the credits scrolling over same sequence of the Relaxation Pod from the beginning.