Test Chamber 16

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Test Chamber 16

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This Test Chamber is the seventeenth level of the game, and introduces players to Turrets, and the ways in which they can be avoided or disabled.




  • Go at the end of the hallway and wait for the door to open.
  • Go through the door and knock over the turret and wait for it to shut down.
  • Walk to the end of the small hallway and stop before the red beam.
  • Look to the left - along the beam. Run to the right and while you do that, shoot a portal behind the turret.
  • Shoot the other portal on the wall near you and go through it. Knock the turret over.
  • Head to the left. There's another turret waiting on top of the stairs.
  • Quickly peek around the wall and fire a portal on the wall behind the turret and the other one on the wall near you.
  • Knock the turret over and go down the stairs and head to the left.
  • Shoot a portal on the ceiling over the turret and the place the other portal on the floor near you.
  • Take one of the Weighted Storage Cubes and drop it through the portal. It should knock the turret over.
  • Now for the other turret: Put a portal on the ceiling over the other turret (there is an X).
  • Drop the other cube through the portal. The other turret should then be knocked over.
  • Enter the portal and take the cube you've just dropped.
  • Crouch and slowly go towards the turret shooting at you until you knock it over.
  • Proceed to take out the other turret as well.
  • Go to the door on the far-left. Quickly fire a portal on the ceiling above the turret facing you (there is an X).
  • Shoot the other portal on the floor and drop a cube through the portal. Now the turret should be knocked over.
  • Look through the door again and then place a portal under the turret near the door. The turret should end up deactivating.
  • Fire a portal on the wall next to the last remaining turret. Make sure that the portal on the wall is behind the turret.
  • Go through the portal and knock over the turret.
  • Take a cube and place it on the button. Then shoot a portal through the opened door on wall behind the turret. Go through the portal.
  • Knock over the turret in front of you and then put the portal on the wall next to the turret, so the turret won't see you when you go through.
  • Go through the portal and pick up/knock over the last turret. Then proceed to the Chamberlock.

Alternative Solutions

  • Most turrets can be approached safely and pushed over with the help of a Cube, rather than disabled through the use of portals.

Easter egg (alternate solution)

  • In the Rattmann den located behind the activated portalable piston surface, you can find block that should be in the wall that are on the floor.
  • You can actually transport the broken blocks through portals and drop them onto turrets.

This can be interpreted more as an Easter egg than a solution because it is not that practical because you can't grab the blocks or interact with them in any way other than moving them with portals. You can find more info on this phenomenon by checking the guide linked here.

Video walkthrough

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