Thinking with Time Machine Test Chamber 01

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Test Chamber 01

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This is the second level of Thinking with Time Machine.




  • Enter the room and press the button.
  • Take the cube and put it on one of the floor buttons.
  • Start recording, go to the wall and crouch for a while. Stand up and go press the second button. Then stop recording.
  • Activate machine and walk up the wall on your double. Then go on the Victory Lift and place a portal on the surface behind the cube. Go to the second room and place the second portal on some of portalable surfaces.
  • Go through the portal and take the cube. Get back and put the cube on it's receptacle.
  • Place the portal up there where you came from and proceed to the Chamberlock through the Hard Light Bridge.

Video walkthrough

Unfortunately we doesn't have the video yet. If you have it, please see this article