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This is the 40th and final Co-op course if you don't have the Peer Review DLC, and the 8th and final level in the course, Mobility Gels. The level is a final test on all the previous courses, and brings elements from almost every course, such as excursion funnels, portal speed mechanic, gels, two breakers, and much more. The main hazards are Goo, and falling to your death.

At the end of the level is a giant vault that must be opened by having both team members use a gesture/taunt on the vault camera, and in the vault are the preserved humans that Glados later uses as extra test subjects.

Co-op Course 5 Chamber 8

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The goal is to get to the room with the giant vault door, and get to the vault door that holds the preserved humans that GLaDOS seeks for testing purposes.





# Atlas P-body
1Once the Repulsion Gel is on the ground and got rid of the turret, jump into the room on the right that has the Material Emancipation Grill. Put two portals on the only portable panels.
2Put a portal on the ramped panel at the left of the Repulsion Gel, and then put a portal on one of the two wall portals near the entrance, and then press the button. After, repeat but with the wall portal on the other panel above it/below it.
3Get behind the the Propulsion Gel streak, and then position yourself in the middle, and then run on the gel until you reach the catwalk far away, that has another Material Emancipation Grill. Walk foward into the next room.
4Put a portal on the portable surface that is a long way down.
5Put a portal on the portable surface on the wall near the entrance, and then run to the area where broken parts of the catwalk are blocking the other side. Shoot a portal on the portable surface on the other side. Wait for Atlas to come back as described in table 6.
6Go through P-Body's portal and go down the catwalk stairs until you reach the end of the catwalk. Shoot a portal down at the left on the ramped portable surface, and then go back to P-Body.
7Jump off of the catwalk at the left, and position yourself to land into Atlas's portal. Go past the checkpoint area and to the right area in the vault room, past another Material Emancipation Grill.
8Put a portal under the Propulsion Gel tube and then cover the right portable area's floor with the Propulsion Gel. Put a portal on the front wall where the Propulsion Gel streak is, and one on the floor panel with the black/yellow circle. Run through the wall portal and then shoot a portal on the wall of the top floor when you get high enough. Press the button on the top floor to release a Cube.
9Put a portal under the Propulsion Gel tube, go through Atlas's portal, and put a portal on the wall panel that is facing the Cube area, and then press the button on the bottom floor to cover the cube with the gel, to make it slide down into reach. Pick the cube up.
10Shoot a portal to the other side of the top floor, and have P-Body come through it while they are still holding the cube, and then wait at the edge of the metal platform where there are two breakers at the end of the wall on both sides, and get ready to run when the metal platforms swing to become walkable.
11Put the cube down, and look for a portable surface that the portable surfaces on the other side of the top floor are facing, then shoot a portal over Atlas's portal or on a adjacant panel. Grab the cube, and go through it to find a corridor with 3 Thermal Discouragement Beams and Beam Recepticles. Carefully put the cube down so it slides down, and then quickly run back to Atlas.
12When the wall platforms start rising, run on the left side where the left Breaker is, while trying to be in sync with P-Body.When the wall platforms start rising, run on the right side where the right breaker is, while trying to be in sync with Atlas.
13When you both are touching the breaker, press it at the same time. After, go to the left area.
14Put a portal on the surface under the Excursion Funnel, and put a portal above you, on the wall, and wait.
15Put a portal under the Repulsion Gel tube and the other on the ceiling.
16Stand on the Heavy Duty Super Colliding Super Button and wait.
17When the Gel stops falling into your portal under it, run through the Material Emancipation Grill, and then once through it, shoot 2 portals on both portable surfaces in the area with the Turrets.
18When the Repulsion Gel streak in the Excursion Funnel is lined up under the Turrets, run through the Material Emancipation Grill, to reset your portals, and make the Gel fall on the Turrets.
19One at a time, jump on the wall Repulsion Gel, to reach the other side of the fatal gap.
20Go up to the Heavy Duty Super Colliding Super Button, stand on it and wait.
21Go up to the corner where you can see a bit of the Excursion Funnel area. Shoot a portal under it like previously, and then shoot the other one on the floor panel, then the wall panel when above it, then the flip wall panel when in reach of it, which will bring you to a top area with a button. Press it.
22Go back to the vault room, and use the same technique used with the streak of Propulsion Gel, and the patch of Repulsion Gel at the beginning, to reach the vault.
23Last but least, for each of you once, use a gesture to finish the final level. It can be any gesture, but each of you must perform one separately, just once.
24Enjoy the cutscene!

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