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Title: Garden

Mel garden 1.png

The Garden is the last test chamber of the First Chapter in Portal Stories: Mel. The chamber has no major hazards, but entering in the lake will cause you to drown.


  • Drowning


  • Enter the building and look for a door near harmless turrets.
  • Enter the door and interact with the sleeping chamber.

Video Walkthrough

NOTE:This video applies for the whole First Chapter.


50 Shades of Cave magazine seen in the lobby
  • In the Aperture building lobby, a magazine rack displays a magazine with the headline ‘Fifty Shades of Cave’ over Cave Johnson’s face. This is a reference the erotic romance novel/film Fifty Shades of Grey.
  • In the Security Room on the left wall near the lift, Virgil can be found. This area however, is inaccessible in the final mod.
  • In Cave Johnson's dialogue just after leaving the lift, he mentions Crazy Harry. This is a reference to Crazy Harry from comedy show, The Muppet Show who is a pyrotechnic expert. This could also be a reference to Harry Callaghan who composed the music and voiced all characters except Virgil (he's voiced by Stig Finsen Sydtnagen).


Testing the Waters
Testing the Waters
Super Drowning Skills