Test Chamber 09 (Advanced)

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Test Chamber 09 (Advanced)

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This is the second advanced Test Chamber of the game. This version is unlocked when the original Test Chamber 09 has been completed. It as the extra challenge such has a harder Infinite Jump, less white surfaces, a faster Suppressor Field and the removal of the supplementary ledge.



  • Place the portals on the only portalable surfaces on the floor.
  • Jump through the lower portal. Just after passing through, move in the air to go through the same portal. You will gain more momentum. Repeat this if necessary.
  • When you are high enough, shoot a portal on the concrete section of the floor behind the glass, then go back in the room entrance.
  • Fire the other portal on the lower level, then jump through at the good time to avoid the Electricity Field.
  • Run across the Electricity Field quickly and jump over the little gap.
  • Go to the Chamberlock.

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