Thinking with Time Machine Introduction

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This is the first level in Thinking with Time Machine. It starts with ending of Portal 2, which appears to be a trap, and Chell is stil trapped in the facility. It introduces Time Machine and Cube Assembler.



  • Wait for cutscene to end.
  • Proceed to the elevator. It will be to the left from the facility "exit".
  • Ride up with the Victory Lift and take the Portal Gun and Time Machine.
  • Watch the video (optional).
  • Press Q to start machine recording. Stand on the button and wait a while there. Press E to stop machine recording.
  • Press F to activate machine. Pass through the door before your double disappear, and go to next Victory Lift.
  • You can again watch the video. Go to the wall. Start recording and crouch for a while. Then, stand up, wait a moment and stop recording.
  • Move a bit away and activate the machine. Jump on the crouching double. Wait for him to stand up and jump to next floor.
  • Repeat it next to the second wall and go to Victory Lift.
  • You can again watch the video. Start recording and press the button.
  • Wait for the cube to assemble, pick it up and put on it's receptacle. Stand on the normal button.
  • When timer will end, Laser Field deactivate and fizzler fizzle the cube, stop recording, proceed to the second side of Laser Field and activate the machine.
  • Proceed to the door when it will open and go to the Victory Lift.
  • You can again watch the video. Start recording. Place the portal on the surface opposite to the stairs. Go through the stairs to miss the fizzler.
  • You will find the door behind the curve, and a portal surface opposite to the door. Place the second portal there and wait a while.
  • Stop recording and go back through the fizzler. Place the portal next to the light bridge and next to the stairs. Activate machine and go to the Chamberlock on the light bridge.

Video walktrough

Unfortunately we doesn't have the video yet. If you have it, please see this article