Still Alive 08

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Still Alive 08

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This test chamber is the eighth bonus level of the game. It is taken from Portal: The Flash Version MapPack. The challenges of this level are unlocked when the test chamber is completed once.




  • Walk out of the elevator and through the hallway.
  • At the sliding door, use portals to get into the Rat Man den area; there is a turret guarding the way across.
  • Shoot a portal directly above the turret on the raised block and go through, knocking it over.
  • Turn around and shoot a portal behind the glass barrier.
  • Walk up to the top of the small non-portalable slope, turn around, and place a portal in the button area.
  • Once in the button area, press the pedestal button to have a new sphere come out of the Vital Aparatus Vent.
  • Once the sphere rolls down to the lower level, use portals to get it into the button area.
  • Walk up to the very edge of the button area and place a portal as close to the edge on the lower level as possible. Put the other portal on the angled panel.
  • Carefully drop the sphere through so it rolls down the narrow hallway and knocks over the turret at the end. Once it is done deactivating, jump through yourself.
  • Place the sphere on the button if it isn't already, then go back behind the glass barrier and through the hatch in the floor.
  • Walk into the Chamberlock.

Video walkthrough

Award requirements (challenge mode)

Portals Steps Time
Bronze Silver Gold Bronze Silver Gold Bronze Silver Gold
10 Portals 6 Portals 4 Portals 135 Steps 85 Steps 30 Steps 110 Seconds 50 Seconds 30 Seconds

Video strategies (challenge mode)

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Steps challenge

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