Test Chamber 18

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Test Chamber 18
level_07.bsp Companion Cube Hell

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This Test Chamber is the nineteenth level of the game, and introduces the player to the Weighted Companion Cube as well as the Fire.



  • Wait for the vertical door to open.
  • Place a portal on the marker next to the button and other on the white ceiling above the other marker.
  • Pass through the portal and, before touching the ground, shoot the same portal as the previous under you.
  • With the momentum you gained, you should reach the ledge on the top. Then, press the Switch on your right to deactivate the first Material Emancipation Grill.
  • Come back at the bottom. Above the fizzlers, there are some white surfaces over a grating. Place a portal onto, then pass through the other.
  • Press the switch to deactivate the second fizzler, then come back in the main room. Go to the button in the chamber's corner.
  • Look up and place the same portal as the previous above the button. Just after passing through the other portal, move to the ledge in order to reach it.
  • Turn right and press the Switch to deactivate the last fizzler. Go to the Switch at the chamber's entrance and put the first portal next to the Switch.
  • Prepare yourself for this timed puzzle. This is not a joke.
  • When an Unstationary Scaffold has arrived, press the Switch, go through the portal, place a portal next to the button alongside the one you are on and the other under you, then jump through it to reach the other button.
  • Go on the button to raise the gate. When the Weighted Companion Cube has passed the gate, go down, place a portal above the button in the corner, go through the other, jump on the glass and go to the button just next to the glass.
  • When the Companion Cube has passed the second gate, come back on the button in the corner to raise the third gate. When the Companion Cube has passed the third gate, go on the button on the floor to raise the last gate.
  • When the Companion Cube has passed the last gate, go quickly at the end of the Scaffold's path and take the Companion Cube when you have it at end.
  • Place the Companion Cube on the button in front of the exit door. Shoot a portal behind this door and the other near you.
  • Grab the Companion Cube and go through the portal.
  • Proceed to the Chamberlock with the Companion Cube. The fizzler will change to a Portal Inquisition Field in order to carry the Companion Cube with you.

Video walkthough


  • You can finish this Test Chamber without taking the Weighted Companion Cube, but beware the consequences!


21. Nine Lies the Heart 3 - 1:05 by ERH
33. Live Fire - 2:51 by The Hamster Alliance

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