Still Alive 09

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Still Alive 09

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This test chamber is the ninth bonus level of the game. It is taken from Portal: The Flash Version MapPack. The challenges of this level are unlocked when the test chamber is completed once.




  • Proceed trough the door and walk to the Light Bridge.
  • Wait for the Energy Pellet to pass by you and walk across the Light Bridge to get to a safe spot/crevase.
  • Place one portal onto the wall that is on the upper floor. The best way you can see the spot where you have to shoot the portal is the wall where the Turret's laser is pointing to.
  • Place the other portal onto the X mark that can be found above you. The Energy Pellet is hitting the spot.
  • Wait for the Energy Pellet to hit the Turret.
  • After you hear the Turrets scream, walk across the Light Bridge while avoiding the Energy Pellet. The pellet is still active, don't think you're safe!
  • Portal over to the ledge where you placed your first portal.
  • Place a portal onto the wall that is connected to the flooring across the gap where the Energy Pellet wanders around.
  • Walk onto the previously-talked-about ledge but portaling over.
  • Proceed trough the hallway.
  • Portal behind the Cube Dropper.
  • Knock the Turret that is guarding the Button over.
  • Place a nearby Cube onto the previously-guarded Button to activate it.
  • Walk back to the Energy Pellet and place the other portal onto the X mark on the ceiling.
    • If you've placed a blue portal behind the Button, place the orange one onto the X mark and vice versa.
  • Walk trough the hallway and steer to the right.
  • Jump into the "pit".
  • Stand on the Button that is in the "pit".
  • Wait for the Energy Pellet to be received by the catcher.
  • After you've heard the receive noise, walk back to the Cube Dropper.
  • Place a portal trough the now opened door onto the only portalable surface.
  • Go trough the portals and wait for the Lift to descend.
  • While waiting, place a portal under the Turret that is guarding the path to the Chamberlock
    • You can also knock the Turret over without portals. Both do the trick.
  • Proceed to the Chamberlock.

Video walkthrough

Award requirements (challenge mode)

Portals Steps Time
Bronze Silver Gold Bronze Silver Gold Bronze Silver Gold
16 Portals 8 Portals 5 Portals 150 Steps 105 Steps 60 Steps 110 Seconds 75 Seconds 56 Seconds