Portal Stories: Mel Junk Yard

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Junk Yard

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The Junk Yard is the first map in the third chapter of Portal Stories: Mel. It has no major hazards, but you may get killed by walking on fire and by electrocution.



  • The test starts with a door, entering it will start the level and the third chapter.
  • The first section of the Junk Yard (the one that you are inside) is blocked by a fence. Create a portal inside and another one outside of it.
  • Do not remove the portal outside the fence. Find a section with a door and create a portal at the floor.
  • This part requires timing. Jump inside the portal near the door, you' ll be taken back to the portal that you used to escape from the fence. Create a portal in the floor quickly, this will fling you to the top of the final section.

Video Walkthrough

NOTE: This video applies for the whole Third Chapter.


  • By entering the Junk Yard, Virgil mentions that Giant Man-Eating Rats live there. Despite of this, they cannot be seen.