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st_a3_junkyard.bsp Junk Yard

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The Junk Yard is the first map in the third chapter of Portal Stories: Mel. It has no major hazards, but you may get killed by walking on fire and by electrocution.


  • Fire


Calculator found at an office displaying "2 + 2 = 10"
Rocket Turret seen at the start of the map
A photograph depicting Cave Johnson shaking hands with Dr. Breen
  • The test starts with a door, entering it will start the level and the third chapter.
  • The first section of the Junk Yard (the one that you are inside) is blocked by a fence. Create a portal inside and another one outside of it.
  • Do not remove the portal outside the fence. Find a section with a door and create a portal at the floor.
  • This part requires timing. Jump inside the portal near the door, you' ll be taken back to the portal that you used to escape from the fence. Create a portal in the floor quickly, this will fling you to the top of the final section.

Video Walkthrough


  • Rocket Turret from Portal can be seen in a pile of rubble near the start of the map.
  • A calculator that can be picked up in an office will eventually show the equation ‘2 + 2 = 10’, a reference to GLaDOS’ final moments.
  • If a player continuously tries to interact with Virgil, he will eventually get annoyed and say "Am I speaking in an accent that is beyond your range of hearing?" which also gives the achievement Beyond Your Range of Hearing. This is a reference to a similar line delivered by Wheatley in Portal 2.
  • A framed photograph in one of the offices depicts Cave Johnson shaking hands with Dr. Breen, a recurring character in Half Life.
  • A TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) from the British science fiction television series Doctor Who can be seen out of bounds to the left.
  • There are photo frames with photos of some of the developers of the game in some of the rooms.
  • The track played during this map are The Junkyard Offices


Beyond your Range of Hearing
Beyond your Range of Hearing
Refuse to Listen
Get electrocuted