Co-op Course 3 Chamber 8

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Co-op Course 3 Chamber 8
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This is the twenty-third level in Co-op mode of Portal 2 and the eighth level in the course. The chamber requires advanced knowledge the Hard Light Bridges, timing skills and Flinging. Falling to one's death is present as the primary hazard.


This level consists of three rooms taking place outside the official test chambers. The first room isn't much of a challenge to figure out, retrieve the Edgeless Safety Cube and place it in the small space next to the door. In the second room the players must utilize the Hard Light Bridge twice for the Safety Cube and that requires some timing skills as well as thinking about how the Light Bridge could be used there. The final room is not obvious at first glance. The spaceous room hides the correct place for the Light Bridge placement well. Solving the room requires the players to use the Light Bridge along with Flinging technique.



Hard-Light Bridge Factory, Aperture Science Enrichment Center,



  • Falling to your death


# Atlas P-body
1Go along the catwalk and enter the small room with the Material Emancipation Grill and Thermal Discouragement Beam.
2Fire a portal on the wall above the Emancipation Grill and next to the Discouragement Beam. Go stand close to the portal near the Discouragement Beam and look through the portal.Go to the other side of the Emancipation Grill and grab the Edgeless Safety Cube.
3Give the Safety Cube to your partner.
4Grab the Safety Cube from your partner and put it in the small space with the Discouragement Beam.
5Proceed through the Emancipation Grill to the hallway and then on to the catwalk. Go up the stairs on the left.
6Walk to the left to the activation button and put a button on the wall on the right. Put the other portal on the pillar above the Emancipation Grill (the one further away from you).Go through the Emancipation Grill and shoot a portal on the pillar on the right. Place the other portal on the pillar straight above yourself (nearest to the transportation tube).
7Press the activation button and turn to face the pillar on the ceiling. As soon as one of the Safety Cubes hits the vertical Hard Light Bridge going through your portal, place the portal from the ceiling pillar to the pillar right next to you. Wait for the Safety Cube to roll on the Light Bridge next to the button and take it to the Discouragement Beam near the door.
8As soon as your partner has the Safety Cube you can head for the door near the Discouragement Beam.
9Proceed through the door to the next one with the two Circuit Breakers. Activate the Breakers simultaneously (the use of Timer Ping is recommended) to open the door and gain access to the next room.
10Go along the catwalk to the left and shoot a portal on the wall where the Light Bridge ends and put the other portal then look at the pillar further away where you are facing. Put the other portal up to the pillar, so that the Light Bridge goes across the big area. Go through the portal and walk until you are on top of the second platform.
11Go through the portal on the left and stop above the first platform. Fire a portal to the platform and put the second portal on the angled surface of the pillar on the left of the final door.
12Aim at the angled surface of the pillar on the right side of the final door and when ready, put a portal on it. Before you fall to the platform below you, put a portal on there aswell.
13Both will collide in sync above a safe area in the middle. Continue through the final room. Grab the CD from one of the tables and put it in the player.

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