Test Chamber 16

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Test Chamber 16
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This Test Chamber is the seventeenth level of the game. Just the really beginning of the level takes places in the maintenance areas.



  • Open the door, turn right, open the door facing you and move forward.
  • Wait for the moving panel to extend. Place a portal in the test chamber and the other near you, then pass through it.
  • Look up and fire the same portal as previous through the grating, then go through the other portal.
  • Place the first portal, through the other grating, on the upper floor, then pass through the other portal.
  • Place the second portal, through the two grating, at the bottom. Grab the Weighted Storage Cube and go through the portal.
  • Shoot the first portal above the right ledge, and put the cube on this last.
  • Put the portals on the two markers. After passing through the portal many times, shoot the right portal -the one on the ceiling- on the extended panel.
  • With the momentum you gained, you should land behind the Turrets. Knock out these then go a the end of the room.
  • Place the first portal on the floor and the other on the wall, on the turrets' lasers level.
  • Just after going through the portal, fire the same portal as the previous on the wall behind the turrets.
  • Pass through the portail again, knock out the turrets and stand on the button.
  • Place the first portal on the ceiling, then go through the other next to you.
  • Along the corridor then shoot the same portal as the previous through the grating, on the ground level.
  • Come back, push the Switch and pass through the portal under the vertical door.
  • Take the cube, go through the portal and put it on the button.
  • Go on the supplementary ledge, then look up. Place a portal in front of the exit door and the other on the bottom's floor.
  • Jump through the portal and proceed to the Chamberlock.

Video walkthough


23. Nine Lies the Heart 5 - 1:05 by ERH
19. Nine Lies the Heart 1 - 0:52 by ERH

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