Test Chamber 08

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Test Chamber 08
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This Test Chamber is the ninth level of the game, and introduces the player to the pipes, on which only portals and certain entities can go through.



  • Wait for the door to open. Prepare yourself before starting the timed puzzle, then pass through the door.
  • Place the first portal above the ledge and the other in front of you, then go through this last.
  • Shoot the same portal as the previous behind the Turrets, then move back to pass through the portal.
  • Knock of the turrets and wait for the moving panels to go down. Then walk on the panels to proceed.
  • Jump down from the ledge and place a portal through the pipe. Put the other portal near you then go through it.
  • Wait for the ceiling panels to go down and aim the slot between the panels. When you see a white wall through the slot, fire the same portal as the previous on this wall.
  • Go through the portal near you then wait for the panels to go down in order to reach the access of the exit.
  • Proceed to the Chamberlock.

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Eric: Welcome to test chamber number eight. It's Eric this time.
Eric: Mike is away talking with someone for the moment.
Eric: Hey, I hope you loved those funky walls in the previous chamber.
Eric: Because - basically - this chamber is kinda dangerous.
Eric: Did I mentiond I was one of the designers of this chamber? I'm sure you're not really surprised, are you?
Eric: Well, it looks like you are far more competent than every other girl who attempted this test.
Eric: As far as I know, only three or four percent of the subjects reach the ninth chamber, safely.