Portal Stories: Mel Factory

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  • Laser
  • Goo
  • Falling to Death
  • Crushed to Death


Video Walkthrough


  • At the part where cubes are tested to see if they can open doors, the number '74656' is visible on the right wall. This is a reference to USS Voyager with registry number NCC-74656 from the science fiction television series, Star Trek: Voyager.
  • At the end of the dark room, Virgil asks Mel to flick a Lever on the wall. If you don't flip the lever, Virgil says, "Would you kindly... flip that lever?". This is a reference to Bioshock.
  • It is actually possible to solve the broken test, but the chamberlock past the door has collapsed.
  • The track played for most of this map is called Halted Production


Back off Track
Back off Track
Get off the track again
Burned in Goo
Burned in Goo
Get burned whilst in the goo
Solve the broken test
Get crushed in the door
In the Vents
In the Vents
Get into the vents
Into Darkness
Into Darkness
Mind your Step