Test Chamber 14 (Advanced)

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Test Chamber 14 (Advanced)

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This is the second advanced chamber of the game. This version is unlocked when the original Test Chamber 14 has been completed. It has the extra challenge of altering the fling used to retrieve the Weighted Storage Cube, and removing the platforms that rise out of the goo. The alternate solution of flinging directly to the Victory Lift has also been removed.




  • Entering the chamber, go up the stairs on your left. Turn left again and place a portal on the floor next to the Weighted Storage Cube.
  • Fire the other portal on the floor where the stairs rise up from, and jump through it. Then move towards the Cube and pick it up.
  • Take the Cube down the stairs and place it on the button. Go through the door.
  • Walk through until you reach the goo room. Shoot a portal on the wall facing you, then enter.
  • Place a second portal inside the other room across the goo. Go through the portal.
  • Place the portal you just came through on the scorch mark left by the High Energy Pellet.
  • Wait until the Pellet goes through and then enter the portal yourself. Remember to avoid contact with the Pellet.
  • Approach the Pellet Catcher at top of the stairs and shoot the portal that is NOT facing the Pellet Launcher at the orange spot on the ceiling.
  • Go back down the stairs to the Victory Lift and enter the Chamberlock.

Video walkthrough

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