Portal 2 Co-op Calibration Course

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Calibration Course

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This is the first level in Co-op mode of Portal 2. Its purpose is to teach player the basics of Cooperative testing, like the Ping Tool, thinking with four portals, etc.


  • Goo


# Atlas P-body
1Wave to each other.
2Ping your favourite animal (choices: horse, deer, rooster, elephant, wolf, moose, baboon, porcupine, rhinoceros).
3Ping your favourite Periodic element (choices: copper, zinc, gallium, silver, cadmium, indium, gold, mercury, thallium).
4Use the Ping tool to place Portals with the help of GLaDOS, then take the Portal Gun.
5Place portals to reach the higher ledge.
6Stand on the button so that P-Body can proceed.
7Stand on the button so that Atlas can proceed.
8Use the portals so that Atlas can proceed.
9Use cubes to open a passage for each other.
10Activate the dropper.
11Place the cube on the button.
12Pass the cube back to P-Body.Stand on the button.
13Shoot portals.
14Pass through the portals, press a button to activate platforms leading to exit.

Video walkthrough