Thinking with Time Machine GLaDOS' Chamber

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GLaDOS' Chamber
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This is the third level in Thinking with Time Machine. It takes place in partially disapilated test chamber. It doesn't have any Portal-related or Time Machine-related puzzles. The only hazard is the goo.



  • Enter the chamber and press the button to the left from entrance.
  • Wait for Borealis to make a hole between the puzzle and GLaDOS' Chamber.
  • Go to GLaDOS' Chamber and wait for Atlas and P-Body to stop talking.
  • Walk up, go to the right of the observation room and enter the door with sign GLaDOS Emergency Shutdown
  • Go to the computer, press the keyboard and watch the film. There should be a "printer" to the right of the computer and the paper in it should blink. Take the paper and read the message.
  • Under the computer, over the keyboard, there should be a panel with the test chamber view. Press the door on it. Computer should show opening doors.
  • Go back to the test chamber, walk into a Faith Plate and proceed to the Chamberlock.

Video walkthrough

Unfortunately we doesn't have the video yet. If you have it, please see this article