Test Chamber 14

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Test Chamber 14
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This Test Chamber is the fifteenth level of the game, and also the first considered hard to solve by the supervisors.



  • Go in the next room. Place a portal near you and the other over the ledge.
  • Go through the portal and, quickly, fire the same portal as the previous behind the Turrets then come back in the entrance.
  • Pass through the portal near you and knock out the turrets in front of you.
  • Place a portal next to the upper floor. Just after going through the other portal, shoot the same portal as the previous behind the turrets.
  • Pass through the portal and deactivate the turrets. Place a portal just facing the vertical door, then come back on the mid-floor.
  • Staying on the mid-floor, put the other portal where the High Energy Pellet is bouncing.
  • Stand on the button located on the lower floor, and wait few seconds for the pellet to reach the catcher.
  • Place the same portal as the previous next to you and go through it. Grab the Weighted Storage Cube then place it on the lower floor's button.
  • Pass through the the portal again and go on the upper floor's button, then fire the first portal behind the vertical door.
  • Go back on the lower floor and put the cube out of the button. Then go through the portal near you.
  • Pass through the Material Emancipation Grill, then use any Flinging technique to reach the Chamberlock.

Video walkthough


37. Where am I? - 3:46 by The Hamster Alliance

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