GLaDOS' Boot

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GLaDOS' Boot

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This is the twenty-second level of the game, and introduces the player to the GLaDOS' Chamber, GLaDOS and the Personality Cores.


  • Blue lasers
  • Crushing


  • Push the Switch, observe the cinematic and switch the system on. Now, enjoy GLaDOS' Boot.
  • After GLaDOS killed the scientists and pulled you in the chamber, avoid her attacks.
  • When she is swinging you in the air, avoid the items. When she is throwing a circular blue lasers on the floor, jump over these. When she is throwing a blue laser on you, take cover.
  • Enjoy the shutdown and Mike's last words.

Video walkthough


18. Discovering GlaDOS - 1:03 by ERH
04. Believe - 7:01 by The Chemical Brothers [2008 Only]
04. Out Of Control - 3:16 by SaschaEnde [RTX Only]