Complex's Visit

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Complex's Visit
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This is the twenty-first level of the game, and introduces the players to the laboratories of the complex.


  • None


  • Turn left and drop the Handheld Portal Device at the counter.
  • Pass through the Material Emancipation Grill, then go right.
  • Go left, enter the main room, turn left, turn right, open the door and enter the porty room.
  • Enjoy the cake... or not. After the Mike and Peter's explanation, go back in the main room.
  • Go upstairs facing you, walk straight and enter the observation room on your left.
  • After contemplating the Test Chamber 06 from Portal, come back in the main room.
  • Wait for the scientist in charge to lead you to the GLaDOS' Chamber to come to you for guidance.
  • Follow and listen him. Then, pass the door, go downstairs, go through the door, go right and enter the elevator.
  • Once the elevator has arrived, pass the door facing you, across the meeting room, open the door on the left and along the corridor.
  • A scientist will open you a maintenance area leading to the GLaDOS' Chamber.
  • Pass the door now open and the second door behind, go right, open the door, turn right and climb up the ladder.
  • Turn around, pas through the door on the right, go downstairs and crouch to enter the vent under the stairs.
  • Across the vent, pass the door on your right and along the catwalk to reach the room facing you.

Video walkthough


  • In this level, the player enters and/or see some rooms from the original Portal, like the observation room of the Test Chamber 06 for example.


14. Atmosphere 5 - 0:35 by ERH
36. The Cake is a Lie! - 3:04 by The Hamster Alliance