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An Aerial Faith Plate in Portal 2.
This next test involves the Aperture Science Aerial Faith Plate. It was part of an initiative to investigate how well test subjects could solve problems when they were catapulted into space. Results were highly informative: They could not. Good luck!

The Aperture Science Aerial Faith Plate (Faith Plate, jump pad or launchpad), is a mechanism introduced in Portal 2. This device launches players over a gap or to a specific destination at a set velocity and height. It can be used in conjunction with portals, and the Plate's ability to preserve the velocity of the user makes it an effective means of travel to far or otherwise inaccessible places.

Aerial Faith Plates can also launch any object that is placed on them. Their mechanism is designed so that the player is launched either directly upward, forward or backward in motion. There is one occasion in which an Aerial Faith Plate launches you sideways, during the final chapters of the game.

In Portal 2 - Education Version, the Aerial Faith Plate can generate an impulse with a specific amount of force (1-99N) and in a precise direction (0-90°).


Chamberlock Video

The Aerial Faith Plate as it appears in a Chamberlock informational video.


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Portal 2

Use an Aerial Faith Plate to launch a turret

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