Sixense DLC - Part 1: Chamber 01

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Sixense DLC - Part 1: Chamber 01
sp_a2_sx_intro.bsp Sixense Intro

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This is the first chamber from the Portal 2 Sixense MotionPack DLC.



  • Walk into the room and activate the Button, which will drop a Weighted Storage Cube.
  • Grab the cube and use one-to-one so that you can put the cube onto the Heavy Duty Super-Colliding Super Button.
  • Head up the stairs that were activated by the button and press the other switch, which will drop another cube from above you.
  • Look back towards the main area to the other button, which should be higher. Place a portal on the surface next to it; another portal onto the surface nearest the platform you are standing on.
  • Use one-to-one again to move the cube through the portal and onto the button. This should open the door to the exit.

Video walkthrough