Co-op Course 2 Chamber 5

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Co-op Course 2 Chamber 5
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This is the twelveth level in Co-op mode of Portal 2 and the fifth chamber in the course. The chamber requires the players to use the flinging techniques along with Aerial Faith Plates. Goo is present as the primary hazard.


The chamber consists of three different areas and two checkpoints. In the first area the players are introduced to Aerial Faith Plates and how to use portals with them. In the second area the players have to understand how to utilize all four portals to help themselves and in the last area they have to complete the chamber with one player in the small room behind Emancipation Grill.





# Atlas P-body
1Shoot your portals above the Aerial Faith Plate and on the angled panel next to it.
2Use the Faith Plate to get to the next area.
3Use the Faith Plate to get to the next area.
4Proceed to the checkpoint and to the next section of the chamber.
5Place the portals above the Faith Plate and on the angled panel in front of the Material Emancipation Grill.Go through the Grill and look straight up. Put your portals on both sides of the small obstacle.
6Use the Aerial Faith Plate and wait for landing. Place the portal from the panel facing the Emancipation Grill to the panel below the window and go through the portal.
7Go back through the Grill and use the Faith Plate.
8Proceed to the checkpoint and to the next section of the chamber.
9Place a portal over the Aerial Faith Plate and the other portal under the Weighted Storage Cube.
10Use the Faith Plate to get the Cube and then go stand next to area with the button.
11Shoot the second portal on the angled panels and use the Faith Plate and get the Cube from your partner. Place the Cube on the button.
12Place your portal on the panels facing the new section of the chamber and the other one over the Faith Plate. Go through the portal.
13Fire your portals on the same place as your partner did.Shoot your portals on the two panels and wait for your partner to go through.
14Go through the portal and wait for landing. Then put your portals on the panels on the panels nearest to you and on the panel below, so your partner can join you.
15Jump through your partner's portals.
16Proceed to the disassembly area.

Video walkthrough

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Solve 3 co-op chambers in the Mass and Velocity course in under 60 seconds each

Extra Content

  • There's a Developer Commentary test chamber which is the same but single-player.