Co-op Course 2 Chamber 1

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Co-op Course 2 Chamber 1
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This is the eighth level in Co-op mode of Portal 2 and the first chamber in the course. Players need to utilize their flinging techniques to complete the chamber.


There are two parts to this chamber and both require flinging with partners portals. The solution becomes quite evident when one of the players is standing on the platform where they can get the speed required to complete the fling. All the partner needs to do is help the other one first and then figure out if they can do the next fling themselves or does the partner need to help out.




  • None


# Atlas P-body
1Place a portal on the panels on the floor. Put the other portal on a little higher up on the wall next to it. Go through the portal.
2Fire a portal on the wall facing the area with the Material Emancipation Grill.
3Go through your partners portal and your other portal on the same floorpanel.
4Jump through portal on the floorpanel. Then proceed to the checkpoint area.
5Place your portal on the floor next to the raised platform and your other portal over the platform and go through.
6Fire a portal on the panels facing the area near the ceiling the right. Then replace your partners portal on the floor with your other portal.
7Jump through the portal and stand on the button.
8Place your portal on the same area where your partners other portal is and go thorugh the portal. Then place the same portal on the opposite wall, jump through and go stand on the button.
9Put the Edgeless Safety Cube on the receptacle and proceed to the disassembly area.

Video walkthrough


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Confidence Building
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