Portal Stories: Mel Garden Part 2

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Garden (Part 2)

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The Garden is the first test chamber of the Second Chapter in Portal Stories: Mel.


  • Drowning


Unless otherwise noted, steps apply to both story and advanced mode.

  • Open door, jump down, through open door, take portal device, through next door.
  • Place exit portal on ceiling of overlooking office, place portal on garden wall, enter it.
  • Through office wall, place exit portal on wall beyond it, jump out window, enter portal in garden wall, jump down through hole in floor.
  • Advanced mode: Proceed straight through lobby, open double doors, place portal on marked surface, throw switch, place other portal on wall in corner, preferably close to floor, so that floor is painted orange.
  • In lobby, place first portal on angled, marked surface, on upper floor across entrance door.
  • Advanced mode: Return to gel room, run over painted floor into portal, fly through window.
  • Story mode: From upper floor, place second portal on surface below first portal, then jump through second portal, flinging you out the first one and through the window.
  • Cross bridge, proceed until you find power switch on wall, throw it to off.
  • Enter one of the now accessible containers, place portal behind the seal control, back to power switch, throw it back on.
  • Proceed to right wall, place other portal, enter it. Go to seal control that doe not have portal behind it, place other portal behind it. Throw switch, quickly turn round, through portal and throw other switch. The seal opens.
  • Place portal through seal on far wall, go through. Go right, look up, place portal on white wall, go back, go through. Go through door.
  • Jump down on pipe, walk on it, jump on venting tunnel, proceed, jump down on catwalk, proceed to elevator.

Video Walkthrough

NOTE: This video applies for the whole Second Chapter.