Test Chamber 13 (Bonus)

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Test Chamber 13 (Bonus)

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This is the first Bonus map of the game. It is unlocked when the original Test Chamber 13 has been completed.




  • Shoot a portal onto the wall behind the Weighted Storage Cube and another on the wall beside the button. Reach in to pick up the cube and place it on the button, then step through the portal and walk over to the open door.
  • Place a portal on the wall next to the Heavy Duty Super-Colliding Super Button in the next room.
  • Now throw the cube onto the lower platform. This is pretty difficult, so it is recommended you save here. (If you're playing on a console version, you should also turn up the sensitivity.)
  • The portal on the wall beside where you are standing is your exit. Shoot the other one through the open door, then jump through.

Alternate Portals


  • When using floor portals, cancel your exit portal as soon as you pop out of it, by firing the same colour somewhere else. This is easy if you have a portal-friendly ceiling above, but can be tricky if you have to cast around for a surface mid-flight.
  • Place a portal right beside the button and another right in front of the Chamberlock. Jump through and cancel the exit portal. With luck, you can do this in two steps.
  • Throw a portal onto the wall behind the cube and the other onto the floor in front of you. Crouch down to pick up the cube without taking any steps. Don't reach through a wall or you will have to step back to get the cube clear of the sides.
  • Set the cube on the button then fire a portal through the walkway and the open door onto the ceiling above the higher button. Don't waste any steps while doing this.
  • Put your other portal on the floor in front of you then pick up the cube and drop it through. You're trying to get it on a corner of the platform, not on the button itself.
  • Fire this same portal right under your feet so you drop through onto the button. If you're on top of the cube, start all over again - from your last quicksave, that is ;-)
  • Portal the cube onto the other button. If you can't see it, revert to an earlier save.
  • Place a portal on the floor or the nearby wall, and another on the floor near the exit.
  • Use floor-to-floor to get as close as possible to the Chamberlock.


  • Grab the Cube though the portal; don't waste time traveling into the portal to place it on the button. Otherwise, same as least portals.

Award requirements

Portals Steps Time
Bronze Silver Gold Bronze Silver Gold Bronze Silver Gold
9 Portals 5 Portals 4 Portals 30 Steps 20 Steps 10 Steps 40 Seconds 30 Seconds 19 Seconds

Video strategies

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