Portal 2 Chapter 3 Test Chamber 17

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Chapter 3 - Test Chamber 17
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This is the twenty-sixth level of the game, and the final part of Chapter 3. It is set within a dilapidated Test Chamber, and requires the player to perfect advanced techniques using the Hard Light Bridge in order to access the Chamberlock. This level also contains a Rat Man Den where his voice can be heard near the painting of Chell.


Accessing the Ratmann Den

  • Fire a portal on the wall on the ground level near the button.
  • Place the second portal on the end of the Hard Light Bridge.
  • Walk through the portal near the ground.
  • Fire the first portal again near the top of the wall toward the exit side, such that the Hard Light Bridge creates a path to the wall on the entrance side wall, with the broken window.
  • Walk through the second portal, and then along the new Hard Light Bridge, onto the windowsill.
  • Fire either portal through the broken window into the hallway beyond.
  • Drop to the floor and fire the other on the wall near ground level.
  • Enter the portal.


  • Fire a portal on the wall on the ground level near the button.
  • Place the second portal on the end of the Hard Light Bridge.
  • Put the other portal on the wall next to the Beam receptacle.
  • Pick up the Weighted Storage Cube and go through the portal.
  • Place the Storage Cube in front of the Beam and drop down from the Bridge.
  • Walk over to the Victory Lift in front of the exit.
  • While you are standing on the Lift, fire the portal anywhere so the Storage Cube drops on the button.
  • Go in the Chamberlock.

Video walkthrough

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  • If you enter the Den located in the room, and then proceed to exit it, any portals you made inside it will vanish with no apparent reason and the wall that serves as entrance/exit will close, denying any later attempt to enter it.